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Сайт научного журнала в онлайновом пространстве научных коммуникаций (на англ. яз.)

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The results of the study of scientific journals websites on various subjects are introduced. It was analyzed what data are presented on websites, what services and for what user groups are oriented. It is concluded that scientific journal web-sites are constantly evolving, giving new resources and services to all interested groups of users in terms of the communicative approach, is an important element in the online environment of scientific communication. Sites of domestic journals on the library subjects, unfortunately, lag behind foreign ones. The research results will be used for further development of «Bibliosphere» journal website.

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Л. Б. Шевченко
Государственная публичная научно-техническая библиотека Сибирского отделения Российской академии наук

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Шевченко Л.Б. Сайт научного журнала в онлайновом пространстве научных коммуникаций (на англ. яз.). Библиосфера. 2016;(4):19-23.

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Shevchenko L.B. A scientific journal website in online scientific communications. Bibliosphere. 2016;(4):19-23.

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